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Have you ever wondered what birds eat?
How about where the live?
Did you know that some birds are smaller than you finger?
How about that some birds are even as big as you!

Fly into the exciting and colorful world of birds with "Today I Learned About Birds"! This engaging and educational children's book is packed full of fascinating information, over 80 beautiful full-color photos of different birds including over 40 backyard birds, and fun facts about our feathered friends. Discover how birds communicate with each other, learn about the different types of nests they build, and explore the incredible range of bird habitats and behaviors. With easy-to-understand language and stunning photographs, kids will be captivated by the magic of bird watching and conservation. Whether you're an aspiring bird watcher or just curious about these amazing creatures, "Today I Learned About Birds" is a must-have addition to any young reader's bookshelf.

Written by Cheryl Johnson, an avid Texas-based birder and photographer, this book is designed to reinforce concepts taught in elementary school science curriculum with stunning photographs and fun facts that will get your kids to turn off the TV and discover adventure right outside their door. Each page features a different birds and includes:

  • Glossary of terms and concepts
  • 89 different featured birds including over 40 common backyard birds
  • Beautiful full color photos
  • What these creatures look like
  • Different bird habitats
  • How they behave
  • What they eat
  • Size and weight
  • Fun facts and birding tips
  • How to make your yard bird-friendly

The pictures will fascinate toddlers and the interesting information is perfect for kids 3 to 10.


56-Page, softcover book featuring full color photos, fun facts, ID information, and more!

Today I Learned About Birds (W)

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    "This book is a great introduction to birds for younger readers. The book will encourage young children and adults to grab their binoculars and venture outside to watch these amazing specimens."

    "I cannot recommend this book highly enough. It is beyond great! Although it is written to stimulate a child’s interest in birding, the book will capture the parent’s attention as well."

  • Books will be delivered to the school

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