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Encourage your child's imagination and creative writing skills with this beautiful story prompt journal. This fun 6"x9" journal features beautiful interior and page graphics and is the perfect way to encourage imagination and creative writing in your children PLUS they'll create a keepsake they will cherish for years to come and the 6x9 size will make your child feel like they are writing a real book! Each 2-4 sentence prompt sets an exciting scene with unlimited possibilities on where the characters can go. And when your child's story really grabs his or her imagination and they need more room for the developing adventure, there's an extra 30 blank pages in the back so they can take their story to its conclusion.

Based on some of literature's most beloved tales, this book will not only introduce children to important authors and classic stories, but will encourage them to stretch and develop their own creative writing skills as they take familiar stories and develop their own adventures with the characters. Each story starter begins with actual and/or paraphrased sentences or a plot summation from the original book that sets the scene where the writer takes it from there.

Each of the 30 unique story starters includes:

  • A Table of Contents for story titles
  • A 2-3 sentence scene setting stage for the story
  • A page for your child to draw a character and/or scene illustration
  • 2-1/2 wide-ruled pages for the story
  • Descriptive and action word lists
  • Suggestions to help the writing process
  • Page graphics that add to the fun and theme of the stories
  • 30 blank pages for when a story really takes off

Story Starter - The Classics

SKU: School SSC
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