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They’re in the trees... they’re in the skies... they’re even on the ground. No matter where you look, you’re likely to see some birds. And if you love birds, there’s no birdier place to be than Texas! Hundreds of different species call Texas home, and there are even some that you can only see in Texas! My Texas Bird Book combines stunning photography and fascinating, easy to understand language designed to introduce your children to many of the birds that are “Classically Texan”, where you can see them, and tips for spotting them. It’s the perfect book to encourage children to get outdoors and discover nature as they explore the amazing world of birds.

Written by Cheryl Johnson, an avid Texas-based birder and photographer, this book is designed to reinforce concepts taught in elementary school science curriculum with stunning photographs and fun facts that will get your kids to turn off the TV and discover adventure right outside their door. Each page features a different bird and includes:

  • Glossary of terms and concepts
  • 23 different featured birds
  • Beautiful full color photos
  • Male and female photographs for dimorphic species
  • What these creatures look like
  • Where they can find them
  • How they behave
  • What they eat
  • Size and weight
  • Fun facts
  • Specific locations where each bird can be seen

The pictures will fascinate toddlers and the interesting information is perfect for kids 3 to 10.



56-Page, softcover book featuring full color photos, fun facts, ID information, and more!

My Texas Bird Book

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