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The rainforest is an amazing place! It’s covered in plants, trees, and flowers so thick that it can take several minutes for a raindrop to make it to the ground. It’s also filled with the most incredible creatures you can imagine in every size, shape, and color of the rainbow!

Many of the creatures of the rainforest are bigger and more colorful than their cousins in other parts of the world. They’ve also developed interesting ways to stay safe from predators and live and grow in their unique habitat. This beautiful book will take your child on a trip to the rainforest to discover some of the beautiful creatures that call it home. Readers will be entranced by the bright and beautiful Toucans, fun and playful White Faced Capuchin monkeys, translucent Ghost Glass Frogs, fearsome American Crocodiles, and so much more.

Children love nature and this book will introduce you child to this amazing habit with:

  • An introduction to the different types of creatures in the animal kingdom
  • Stunning photos by award-winning wildlife photographer, Cheryl Johnson
  • Information about each creature
  • Fun and interesting facts
  • How much it weighs
  • What it eats
  • How big it is

The pictures will fascinate toddlers and the interesting information is perfect for kids 4 to 11.


56-Page, softcover book featuring full color photos, fun facts, ID information, and more!

Creatures of the Rainforest

    "Creatures of the Rainforest is an educational and entertaining guidebook for young readers. Well researched, full of interesting facts and figures, and sensational photography, the book will appeal to anyone interested in nature, biology, and the rainforests. The book will increase awareness of the rainforest and the key issues affecting the rainforest and the creatures that live there. It will help to prompt further discussion and debate about environmental issues and conservation."

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